The NEW Decoder 128

The new Decoder 128 really brings your organ to life. Designed to drive Mororised stops, SAMs and lights it lets you physically control your organ from Hauptwerk as it responds to MIDI control messages by turning it’s outputs on and off.

Each output can sink up to 500mA at up to 30V.

Uses industry standard ULN2803A driver chips fitted in sockets for ease of replacement in case of any little mishaps!

Responds to both NRPN and Note On/Off

Programmable for either single output on/off (lamp mode), or twin output pulsed (stop mode).

Supports up to three expansion boards giving a massive 496 outputs in total.[1]

These boards are built to order.  It usually take three working days before they are ready for dispatch.

Comprehensive installation & programming manual download available soon.

1. Using MIDI NRPN commands ONLY.  When using Note On/Off it only supports 128 outputs. This is because the MIDI Protocol only supports 128 note values. Using Note On/Off therefore precludes the use of Expansion boards.

Hauptwerk Hardware Midi Decoder 128