The NEW Hauptwerk Hardware Easy Encoder

Just the job for the small to medium organ – Easy to wire up, each key connects to it’s own socket – can be used on it’s own for just a single keyboard [1], or in conjunction with one or more of our ‘Stackable Easy Strips’ for up to four keyboards.

Has a single analog input for use with a swell or crecendo shoe.

Supports up to 244 digital inputs[2] .

For an ‘average organ’ you might use the ‘Easy Encoder’ with three ‘Stackable Easy Strips’.  One for each of the two manuals, and another for the pedalboard and up to 29 stops, or for a slightly larger organ you may use an additional ‘Stackable Easy Strip’ to connect up to 61 further stops and thumb or toe pistons, completing the organ by connecting the swell pedal to the analog input.

And what’s more; if you use our ‘Stackable Easy Strips’ you can connect everything without even having to solder because they have both solder posts and screw terminals for all connections[3].

No programming required, simply connect and go.

Comprehensive installation manual available Here

1. The Easy Encoder can be used with or without a ‘Stackable Easy Strip’ for a single keyboard ONLY. When used without a ‘Stackable Easy Strip’ connections to the keys are made using male headers (sold separately) which plug into the female headers on the ‘Easy Encoder’ board. Wires must then be soldered onto the male headers and connected to the keyboard, one per key upto a maximum of 61 notes.
2. The ‘Easy Encoder’ can support up to 244 digital inputs when used with it’s maximum of four ‘Stackable Easy Strips’.
3. ‘Stackable Easy Strips’ provide screw connections for each of the 61 note inputs but not for the ‘common’ lines (one per keyboard), as these are connected directly to the ‘Easy Encoder’ by male headers which may be used as solder posts or connect to wires terminated in female headers.