The NEW MUX Easy Strip.

FOR USE WITH OUR UNIVERSAL MIDI ENCODER ONLY. Greatly simplifies wiring up your keyboards. No need to connect diodes to keys or ‘electrically’ split the keyboard into octaves. With both solder posts and screw terminals, connecting your keyboards has never been easier. Simply connect a wire from each key to it’s labelled terminal on the ‘MUX Easy Strip’ then connect the ‘MUX Easy Strip’ to the Universal MIDI encoder Interface board. Requires one ‘MUX Easy Strip’ per keyboard. Can be used for keyboards or stops, pistons etc. The ‘MUX Easy Strip’ really makes it easy for anyone to connect their keyboards to our Universal MIDI Encoder. Connecting keyboards can be a tedious business. Soldering diodes to each key and then grouping all the notes together and finally running wires from each note plus one from each ‘common’ line back to the interface board can take some time as well as introducing the potential for mistakes due to the large number of wires involved. So, I decided to do something to make it easier. Enter the Hauptwerk Hardware ‘MUX Easy Strip’. Simply a long printed circuit board containing all the diodes for 61 inputs (a single keyboard) as well as both male headers (which may be used as solder posts) and screw terminals, for those who don’t want the hassle of soldering. Simply connect a wire directly from each key to it’s corresponding labelled input and then connect the ‘MUX Easy Strip’ to the Universal MIDI Encoder Interface Board. What’s more; if you use our ‘MUX Easy Strips’ you can connect everything without even having to solder because they have both solder posts and screw terminals for all connections[1]. For an ‘average organ’ you might use the Universal MIDI Encoder & Interface Board along with three ‘MUX Easy Strips’.  One for each of the two manuals, and another for the pedalboard and up to 29 stops, or for larger organs you can use additional ‘MUX Easy Strips’ to connect further keyboards or up to 61 further stops and thumb or toe pistons per ‘MUX Easy Strip’.
Comprehensive instruction manual available on our downloads page or click here.

1. ‘MUX Easy Strips’ provide screw connections for each of the 61 note inputs and for the ‘common’ lines (six per keyboard), connection to the Universal MIDI Encoder Interface Board is by male headers which may be used either as solder posts or to connect wires terminated in female headers (available seperately).