Universal Midi encoder

444 interpolated inputs. 12 ‘Note’ or ‘Stop’ inputs. 37 ‘Common Line’ inputs. 8 analog expression inputs. Powered by 9-12v or USB. Easy to program from your PC. Works with all Keyboards, Pedals and Stops. Fully configurable Midi Channels and Input assignments. Easy to connect. Simple to program. It’s so good it even checks your wiring for you!

Universal Midi Encoder


Encoder Interface Board

Interface board for use with our Universal Midi Encoder. Contains all the external components required along with the Midi socket and solder posts for all inputs. Just connect your keyboards, plug in an encoder and you’re good to go.

Midi Interface Board


Encoder Interface Board Kit

The same encoder interface board but in kit form. Contains the PCB and all components required, but you have to put it together. Please note that kit assembly requires soldering skills and relevant tools.


MUX Easy strip


Greatly simplifies wiring up your keyboards. No need to connect diodes to keys or ‘electrically’ split the keyboard into octaves. With both solder posts and screw terminals, connecting your keyboards has never been easier. Simply connect a wire from each key to it’s labelled terminal on the ‘MUX Easy Strip’ and connect the ‘MUX Easy Strip’ to the ‘Universal MIDI Encoder Interface Board’.  Requires one ‘MUX Easy Strip’ per keyboard. Can be used for keyboards or stops, pistons etc.  The ‘MUX Easy Strip’ really makes it easy for anyone to connect their keyboards to our ‘Universal MIDI Encoder’.


decoder 128

For use with motorised stops, SAMs, lighted pistons etc.

With 128 outputs on the main board and the ability to accommodate up to three ‘Decoder 128 Expansion Boards’ (giving a massive 496 outputs in total), our Decoder can support even the biggest organ. 

Hauptwerk Hardware Midi Decoder 128


decoder 128 Expansion board


For use with motorised stops, SAMs, lighted pistons etc.

Simply plug into the Decoder using the ribbon cable supplied to add an extra 128 outputs.*

* Total number of outputs using main board and three expansion boards is limited to 496 due to technical reasons.

decoder-128-expansion board


Diodes 1N4148

1N4148 diodes as used on all keys, pedals, switches, pistons and stops. Supplied in packs of 100.

Diode 1N4148