The NEW Hauptwerk Hardware Stackable Easy Strip


Usually connecting keyboards is a tedious business, with a wire from each key plus the ‘common’ line there are 62 wires to connect back to the encoder, and usually you need to solder a diode to each key as well.  Having wired a number of organs it’s fair to say I do not look forward to the tedium it creates, so I decided to do something to make it easier.

Enter the Hauptwerk Hardware ‘Stackable Easy Strip’.  Simply a long printed circuit board containing all the diodes for a single keyboard as well as both male headers (which may be used as solder posts) and screw terminals, for those who don’t want the hassle of soldering.  Simply connect a wire directly from each key to it’s corresponding labelled input and plug the ‘Easy Strip’ into the ‘Easy Encoder’ – Job Done!

As their name suggests ‘Stackable Easy Strips’ are stackable which means that you can simply plug a second, third and even a fourth (but no more!) ‘Stackable Easy Strip’ on top of each other making wiring your organ super easy.

‘Stackable Easy Strips’ aren’t  just for keyboards!  You can use a ‘Stackable Easy Strip’ for your stops and pistons too. Simply connect a wire to one side of all your stops and pistons (up to a maximum of 61), we call this wire the common line because it connects to, or is common, to each stop/piston, and then connect a wire from the other side of each stop or piston to each key input on the ‘Easy Strip’, it doesn’t even matter which stop or piston connects to which input because Hauptwerk’s ‘Auto-detect’ feature will figure all that out for you.

Comprehensive instruction manual download available soon.